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Opening Hour 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Tuesday to Sunday.

Call us: 028 61671488

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  • PHONE电话. 028 61671488
  • 99 Huan Jin Road, Qing Yang District, Chengdu 成都市青羊区浣锦路99号

since 2018 始于2018年

Who we are 我们是谁

We are Nepalese American with Tibetan heritage. Foodie by nature and a passionate globetrotter, we aim to bring fusion food to Chengdu. All our local service staff speaks English fluently and we are striving hard to bring excellent customer experience. Live Locally & Eat Globally is our philosophy.


Why choose us为什么选择我们

Our restaurant is located near riverside, quiet and historic area of Chengdu. Not only we serve unique fresh food made with local high quality produce and with imported ingredients, we have list of local attractions that is unmatched by many restaurants. So come on down, enjoy a riverside romantic meal with smiley staff and discover the hidden jewels of Chengdu.

我们的餐厅位于浣花溪文化旅游示范区河边,周边历史文化积淀深厚。 我们不仅提供采用当地优质农产品和进口食材烹制的独特新鲜美食,还毗邻杜甫草堂、青羊宫、省博物馆等历史人文旅游景点。 行动起来吧,享受河边露台浪漫餐和我们可爱的工作人员,探索成都西边隐藏的藏宝区。

Meet the team 团队人员

Kabindra Giri
Kabindra Giri
Kabindra Giri is an alumni of Tribuvhan University in Kathmandu. He has worked for many of the top Italian and Nepalese restaurants in Nepal.Kabindra Giri是尼泊尔加德满都Tribuvhan大学的校友。 他曾在尼泊尔的许多顶级意大利和尼泊尔餐厅工作过。
Sonam Gyaltsen
Sonam Gyaltsen
Sonam Gyaltsen is a Nepalese American with Tibetan heritage. Self acclaimed foodie and former New Yorker is aspire to offer Chengduers with Himalayan and Italian fusion food. 我们老板是一位具有西藏血统的美籍尼泊尔人。 曾住纽约的他是备受大家喜欢的美食爱好者,他想为成都人儿们提供喜马拉雅和意大利融合的美食。


  •   Two thumbs up for beer and Indian Food. You won’t find better in Chengdu. Excellent atmosphere, location, staff, and overall quality.

    thumb ldFifty

      I went for dinner with friends on a Saturday night, the atmosphere was great, the staff amazing and the food even better. It was well worth the 40 minute taxi ride there and back. Absolutely faultless!

    thumb EmJuBu

      Wonderful outdoor patio for couples or group gatherings. Friendly staff. The butter chicken and naan are simply amazing! We will definitely be coming back.

    thumb ddexplores
  •   ...very nice location, for sure!
    nice service too !

    My Garlic nan was a bit to soft, not ready actually. Mutter Paneer was ok, but just a few pieces Paneer, even the Paneer was very delicious.
    Will come back and try something else!

    thumb India2012

      We went here last night for dinner the food was up there with some of the best I’ve ever eaten, my family said the same thing about theirs. The service as well was probably the best we have come across. If we come back to chengdu we will definitely be coming back. Wish you could give places like this a 6 star review. Could not fault it.

    thumb drkody123

      We had lunch here before our visit to the Sichuan museum. Food was great, staff was kind and helpful. In the end we came back for dinner... Recommended

    thumb Hindemith11inchina
  •   The atmosphere is what’s best about Kathmandu. Sitting next to the river on a warm Saturday evening was lovely. The food however was average. We had two curries for our main and yak dumplings to start. Given the strong reviews on TA we were disappointed. Nevertheless, the service was good.

    thumb joenorvill

      Useless service and arrogant staff. This is by far the worst restaurant experience I had in chengdu. Food was mediocre. Dry chicken and in general tasteless. But the worst was the arrogance from the staff. Avoid this place!!

    thumb Peter H

      I ordered aloo gobhi, dal, palak paneer, rice and nan. The aloo gobhi was the best I have eaten anywhere in the world. The dal was also good. Palak Paneer could have been better. Nan was great. Basmati rice was like any other you would...More

    Anita L